MineCoin Announces Rebranding, Second round of the ICO and Bounty Campaign

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain startup MinexSystems, entering the second stage of ICO has launched a new website, rebranded its payments system to MinexCoin.

April 10, 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine – The Kyiv-based blockchain development team behind MinexSystems has announced the rebranding of their payment system from “MineCoin” to “MinexCoin”. The company has also upgraded its website and announced a bounty campaign as the second stage of its cryptocurrency ICO nears.

On the new website — “http://www.minexcoin.com/”, users will be able to learn about the company’s whitepaper, the terms and conditions of the upcoming bounty campaign and enjoy a variety of other features. All personal accounts of existing users will be transferred from the earlier “http://www.minecoin.org/” site to the new one.

The development team behind the company believes that MinexCoin (MNC) better reflects the concepts behind the blockchain technologies they offer. The new website will showcase an improved design and functionality, as it enables users to get a quicker, easier grasp of the future payment system.
MinexCoin’s second ICO stage will be aimed towards determining the starting market price of the coin as it hits exchanges on the day of its release. The cryptocurrency’s index value will be marshaled by ‘MinexBank’ – the algorithm for volatility control.

The second stage of the MinexCoin’s ICO presale will begin on May 15, 2017, and go on until June 13, 2017. The pre-sale will offer investors a chance to purchase some of the total available 150000 MNC at a discounted price. MinexCoin will start trading on the leading cryptocurrency asset exchanges starting June 15, 2017.

MinexSystems successfully completed the first stage of its ICO ahead of schedule following the participation of a blockchain society which acquired the remaining MineCoin . Presented in September 2016, MinexSystems proceeded with the beta testing phase of MinexExchange in less than two months on November 2016.

The first MineCoin ICO stage was held over a three-month period from September to December 2016. It attracted over 400 investors from across the world. It also allowed the MinexSystems team to discuss MineCoin’s implementation and other cryptocurrency solutions within the MinexEcosystem with the early supporters of Minex Project.

During this first stage of the ICO, the MinexSystems team realized the currency’s potential for success with its low-volatility algorithm, as it sparked considerable interest within the blockchain community. MinexSystems believes that this unique quality, along with other attributes, gives MinexCoin the potential to become the leading cryptocurrency soon.

Minex Bounty Campaign

MinexSystems has also announced a bounty campaign that started on March 29, 2017. The campaign, which will go on until June 13, 2017, will allow participants during the public ICO stage to earn a total of 300,000 MNCs by actively involving themselves in the MinexСoin project community. The allocated coins will be given away as marketing and reward bonuses.

About MinexSystems

MinexSystems is a Ukrainian company that develops blockchain-based applications. MinexSystems’ target is to serve the society by creating targeted, practical applications using blockchain technology. The company oversees MinexCoin, MinexBank, MinexPlatform, MinexExchange and MinexMarket.

Learn more about MinexCoin at – https://minexcoin.com/
Sign up for MinexCoin Bounties at – https://minexcoin.com/?r=bounty/signup
Visit MinexCoin Blog at – https://blog.minecoin.org/
Join MinexCoin Forum – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1847292.0
MinexCoin Whitepaper – https://minexcoin.com/html/download/wpeng.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minexcoin
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/minexcoin/

Media Contact

Contact Person: Daniel Shulyaev
Contact Email: daniel@minexcoin.com
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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